A Blessingway is a very special alternative to a baby shower that is mother focused. 
By coming together with the women closest to her, the mother is celebrated and supported through simple but beautiful rituals and ceremonies. You can read much more about Blessingways and the cermonies involved here and on our blog.

If you love the idea of a Blessingway, either for yourself or for a friend or family member, there are two ways that we can help you create a wonderful celebration. 



It has always been our intention to provide a way for as many women as we could to experience the magic of a Blessingway. For this reason, we created a DIY package that comes delivered to your door. Our Beautiful Blessingway box contains elegant, premium products centered around the ceremonies of a Blessingway and also comes complete with instructions and tips on how to create a magical, memorable experience.
If you love the idea of putting this together you can order your box 




Perhaps you love the idea of a Blessingway but don't feel comfortable or confident creating one, or you would simply like someone else to facilitate leaving you to simply enjoy. This is where I can offer my personal services to organise, coordinate and facilitate your Blessingway.



  • Consultation with both the Mother and host (if friend or family member is hosting/organising) via email/phone.

  • Suggestions for suppliers for catering, decoration etc.

  • Playlist created to suit

  • Writing and posting invitations (or suggestion of what to include when writing)



ON THE DAY (2hr facilitation)

- Flower Crown

- Dreamcatcher
- Pregnancy safe henna kit
- Birthing bead kit
- 20 x invitations with envelopes

- Yarn for thread ceremony
- Lavender scented soy candle
- Keepsake box

  • Hire of 10 cushions to sit on, 2 x fluffy rugs.

  • Hire of circular jute rug

  • Hire of Peacock chair


Beautiful Blessingway box (value $155)  +  Personalized Blessingway Facilitation = TOTAL EXCHANGE $350

I am able to offer this service to those living in South Western Australia and Perth.

To book your date and discuss further please contact me by clicking the booking button below.



"I have recently had the pleasure of celebrating pregnancy, motherhood and the impending birth of my third child with a ‘Beautiful Blessingway’.  Having had a lovely surprise baby shower for my first daughter, I didn’t have another for my second as it was never something I felt comfortable doing myself and I had everything I could possibly want or need.

What I really would have preferred was to have a blessingway. Had I of known about blessingways during my second pregnancy then I most certainly would have celebrated my pregnancy and motherhood in this way.  After a very good friend arranged a ‘Beautiful Blessingway’ for me recently, I have been able to come together with the special women in my life and share the joys and wonders of motherhood. We shared birth stories, words of wisdom and encouragement, blessed beads for me to create a bracelet to wear now as well as during and after the birth, lit a candle and poured all of our love into the flame which I can light during labour to remind me of the strength, love and support I have from all of those special people in my life. Jennifer did such a wonderful job setting up the location, decor, food and all of the lovely ceremonial parts including card reading, bead ceremony and the candle ceremony and much more. I truly felt like a goddess with everything that Jen had put into the whole blessingway and I am absolutely overwhelmed at how the ambience flowed from all of her hard work as well as her gorgeous personality. It was so amazing walking into such a surreal setting with the atmosphere more than I could ever ask for and the presentation of everything from the beautiful surroundings and the lovely tepee to the incredible food. My blessingway was without doubt the loveliest way to celebrate my pregnancy, motherhood and the bond I have with all of those brilliant women in my life and I have Jen to thank for all of that. The beautiful gift box which Jen also put together with a dream catcher she hand made for the nursery, the blessed beads, candle and the lovely letters, gifts and kind words from my friends and family was such a nice way to bring home parts of the day for me to remember. It was like opening up a little surprise and then brought back all of the lovely memories of the day.

I felt nurtured and honoured to be sitting there with so much positivity and knowing that I am not alone on my journey as a mother, especially being my third pregnancy (which even though I know each life created is a miracle), can sometimes feel forgotten.

It was such a beautiful positive way to connect to my loved ones and to focus on us as mothers and the excitement of a new edition into our lives. A way to remind all of us that we are connected and strong and together we can achieve miracles.”
- Anita

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