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I am so very happy to share with you an article written by the very beautiful

Tábata Ogilvie from Byron Yoga. I met Tábata whilst doing my Yoga Teacher Training at Byron Yoga and was in awe of her feminine energy. She is a mother, yoga teacher, astrologist and runs the Women's Retreats at the centre. She is a passionate woman who has much to share. Tábata was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal in 2018 and upon buying the issue and reading the article, I knew I had to reach out to her. I am so glad I did! As a result you are able to now read some of her wisdom here, and I look forward to working with Tábata in the coming year and beyond. Huge gratitude to you Tábata, for your words. Enjoy! WOMEN'S CIRCLES by Tábata Ogilvie

Recently I received a very special email from one of my yoga students. Jennifer told me that she was planning to start a new business called Beautiful Blessing Way. She explained that the inspiration for this enterprise grew from spending time with her daughters and was then sparked by participating in my yoga class in Woman’s Health, where I shared my passion about the practice of honouring the sacred feminine in all our life cycles.

Her message filled up my heart and my soul. I felt so grateful that my Dharma is extending outwards and inspiring other women. I had tears of joy.

Rites of passage are rooted in ancestral lines and I strongly believe that when you participate in special moments of transition honouring yourself - you are in fact honouring all the lineages of woman that came before you and those that will come after you.

Jennifer’s idea for the Beautiful Blessing Way made me reflect on the powerful significance of women gathering in a circle to celebrate each other.

Meeting in circle with people that share the same beliefs and interests is an ancient and sacred way to instigate personal and collective transformation. Since the dawn of time when tribes of people would meet around the fire, there has been sharing for different events and for a variety of aims such as: story-telling, passing on wisdom and learning, activism, ceremonies, rites of passage and woman’s circles, to name a few.

There are so many examples of sacred and ceremonial circles. The zodiac, created when the 12 constellations were identified in 3000CE, is in the format of a circle. The Astrological natal chart we use today also has the circle format. The Hindu, Chinese and Aztec calendars are all circular, along with the sacred healing circles of the Native Americans and the Celtics sacred space of Stonehenge in the UK.

I believe that for too long, in our society, we lost the ability to conceptualise in a circular way and the belief became “the straight line is the correct way”. The practice of circles became almost forgotten in some cultures, but it is now growing and remerging all around the globe. 

People that meet in circle have the opportunity to speak freely and practice active listening, to meditate, dance, pray, play the medicine drum, celebrate and to help each other. Being part of a circle has great power to create significant change and help in the individual and the collective transformation. They can be a safe space to share, listen, respect and support others.

In circle we can find empowerment and we can regain peace, harmony and connectivity. This is particularly important in the big task we have in contributing to healing the wounds of our feminine ancestry line and in expanding the progression of feminine spirituality. As the circle is a safe space, it can create an alchemy of transformation and spiritual identity where we come to trust, support, respect, speak our truth, sit in silence, listen, accept yourself and connect to others.

Rituals can be created according to the occasion and purpose to offer blessings, healings, protection and connection: celebrating mother earth and the natural cycles, moon phases, seasons, a blessing way during pregnancy, the birth of a child, menarche, menopause and many others.

During a powerful ritual a vortex of energy arises that protects and harmonizes the space. The woman in the circle each become like a Goddess, and the participants are embraced with harmony.

I hold woman’s rituals in the Shakti Yoni Temple at the Byron Yoga Retreat Centre, honouring the sacred feminine cycles of life and offering Women’s Yoga retreats and there is so much I could say about how amazing it is to be in a circle of woman. In fact, I love the concept so much that I am writing a book! Life is really good when you are surrounded by women, and goddesses.

OM SHAKTI OM Tabata Ogilvie To read more about the Women's retreats at Byron Yoga please click here.

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