why is it called a blessingway?

When I was pregnant with my second daughter I didn't align with the idea of a baby shower. We already had everything we needed, so the idea of more gifts seemed unimportant, as did the type of games often played at baby showers. I did, however, really want to mark the occasion. I felt an even deeper connection to what it meant to be a woman and mother the second time around. I had a whole new respect and appreciation for my own mother and for all mothers - all over the world. I saw pregnancy and birth as sacred, in a whole new way. So, when I heard a friend describe how she had celebrated her pregnancy and prepared for the birth of her baby as a Blessingway, I was enchanted.

THIS was what I was looking for!

THIS was how I wanted to mark this special time in our life!

I had a Blessingway and it was magical. A gathering of close female friends and family, all about offering love, support and good energy. Steeped in ancient rituals and from the heart. It made so much sense. You can read more about whether a Blessingway might be for you here and you can read a bit more about how Beautiful Blessingways came about here.

When creating Beautiful Blessingways, I did loads of research into the roots of the ceremonies and rituals I wanted to include.

Many people are familiar with the term Blessingway as being the English translation of the Navajo/Diné word Hózhójí. In it's simplest form it means all that is good, beautiful, harmonious, well being and the like. It is a name used for chants used in various cermonies and rites at various stages of life, including childbirth for women.

The chants are a prayer asking for divine favour and protection.

What I also found though, was that Blessingway is the name used for the Pagan tradition that gathers friends of a pregnant woman on the full moon before her due date. In this ceremony the women washed the pregnant friend's hair and feet with herbs, including lavender for endurance. They would create a circle and each woman would present a prayer or spiritual gift. Afterwards there would be feasting. Rituals and ceremonies celebrating pregnant women exist in cultures all over the world and always have done. Although they vary in their formalities, they all have one thing in common, women coming together to celebrate and honour women. We have also included ceremonies that have their basis in Asian, Indian, African and Hindu traditions in our Beautiful Blessingways box.

When we break down the word Blessingway in English, 'Blessing' is defined in the dictionary as:

◊ a prayer asking for divine favour and protection

◊ a beneficial thing for which one is grateful:

and 'way' is defined as:

◊ a road, track, or path for travelling along:

◊ a means of entry or exit from somewhere, such as a door or gate

◊ travel or motion along a particular route; the route along which someone or something would travel if unobstructed We love this! That is exactly what we are about, gratitude, love and prayers for a smooth journey, for the woman, from maiden to mother, and for the baby, from womb to world!

To us, using the word Blessingway to describe what we have created is the perfect choice. What we have created is a way for women of today to connect with ancient rituals, no matter what their background.

These ancient cultures were connected to mother earth, the seasons, the moon and sacred community in a way that we, as a society, often aren't anymore.

Beautiful Blessingways provides a modern alternative to a baby shower that connects us as women in a more spiritual way.

We help modern women connect to ancient wisdom. We believe in raising the feminine vibration as a whole and learning from ALL our ancestors.

We believe in one race, the human race.

We pay homage to all those who have gone before. We learn from their wisdom. We adapt it to our now. We grow together. We celebrate.

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