the thread ceremony

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Yarn for the Thread ceremony

The Thread ceremony ties the whole event together (pardon the pun) and usually this takes place at the end of the Blessingway.

In your Beautiful Blessingway box, you will receive a ball of yarn. This is used to literally bind all the women present at the Blessingway together and also represents the cord of life, the umbilical cord.

As with most of the ceremonies, the Thread ceremony is performed with everyone sitting in a circle. The Mum-to-be can either be part of the circle or in the middle of the circle.

One by one each woman in the circle wraps the yarn around their left wrist twice (not too tight) then passes the ball of yarn to the next woman who does the same etc.

Once each woman is connected by the thread, the host (or another guest) may wish to say a few words about the connection and support of all the women present.

You will also need a pair of scissors. Each woman then cuts the thread that connects her to the woman on her left and each woman takes their turn at tying the thread around the wrist of the woman to their left (much easier than trying to tie your own and nice to help one of the other girls).

Each woman then wears the thread on their wrist until they hear of the baby's arrival, as a symbol of solidarity and support to the Mum-to-be.  Each time she sees the thread around her wrist she takes a moment to send a loving thought to the beautiful Mum-to-be. After the baby is born the thread is taken off the wrist.

Apart from literally connecting each woman at the ceremony, the thread also symbolises our lineage and celebrates again all the women who went before for us - our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers etc, the matriarchs and all the innate feminine strength and love that is passed on, to us, from them.

It's something simple but powerful. Have you ever worn a simple friendship type bracelet before, that makes you smile and think of the person it's connected to, when you look at it?

Just one of the beautiful inclusions in our Beautiful Blessingways box that you can order here.

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