the bead ceremony

The Bead ceremony is often the most special and memorable of a Blessingway.

In your Beautiful Blessingway box you will find a gorgeous organic cotton bag containing semi precious stone beads. You can read about the properties of each of the stones here.

Semi precious stone beads in an organic cotton bag.

Each guest is asked to bring with them a blessing of some sort for the Mum-to-be. This may be a poem, some words of wisdom or some words of encouragement. The blessing is to be written down and bought with them to the Blessingway. This will be given to the Mum-to-be to keep, so some guests may like to write it in a card.

When it's time for the Bead ceremony each guest is asked to select a bead from the bag. As with most of the ceremonies, everyone then sits in a circle, including the Mum-to-be, each guest holding their written blessing and bead.

One by one each guest reads their blessing out loud and then passes their bead around the circle so that each and every bead is infused with the blessing, positive energy and love of each and every guest. This is usually a very emotional part of the Blessingway. The room or space may feel charged with love and there are often a few tears shed. Once read out, these blessings are given to the Mum to keep. The stunning white box you receive containing all your goodies when you order a Beautiful Blessingway box, is a perfect place to keep these as very special reminders to reflect on for days, weeks and years to come.

Each bead is then placed in a bowl that the pregnant Mumma holds. Each bead is then threaded onto a necklace of the Mums choice. In your Beautiful Blessingway box you will receive jewellery making elastic.

Creating a labour necklace infused with love and blessings.

The Mum-to-be then wears this necklace throughout her labour. The love, positive energy and blessings of all the special women that were at the Blessingway, infused in the beads, is then with her, to support and empower her during the birth. It reminds her of her strength, the love of her sisterhood, that women are truly amazing and have been birthing since the beginning of time and that she is not alone.

Beautiful and powerful bead birthing necklace.

If, for some reason, the Mum-to-be can't or doesn't want to wear the beads as a necklace, the string can be worn as a bracelet, held or simply hung in clear vision during the birth.

The blessings and positive energy don't stop there. The threaded beads can then be securely attached to the dream catcher, also found in your Beautiful Blessingway box, and safely hung in your new baby's room, where the love and blessings of the sisterhood are bestowed unto him or her.

You could also continue to wear them or store them in a special box or maybe even one day pass them on to your child. Wouldn't that be special?

Purchase as an individual kit or as part of our box here.

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