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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Pregnant Mums spend lots of time daydreaming about their babies and the life they will lead. We hope and envisage our baby's dreams coming true and also wish to protect them from harm.

Also, though we know it unlikely, we hope our babies will sleep peacefully at night!

Legend has it that Dreamcatchers were created for exactly this purpose. In ancient cultures dreamcatchers were hung over the beds of sleeping infants, ideally where they would be exposed to the light of the morning sun. It is believed that the web attracts and catches thoughts and dreams. Any bad dreams would be trapped in the web and dissolve with the morning light. Good dreams were thought to pass through the holes in the web and gracefully slide down the feathers that hung from the dreamcatcher, to bless and comfort the sleeping child below.

In your Beautiful Blessingway Box you will find a stunning dreamcatcher.

It it a modern day adaptation of the ancient dreamcatchers but has the same intention to protect your sleeping baby.

Beautiful Blessingway's hand painted dreamcatcher

We love that the pattern made by the thread in the centre of the dreamcatcher is like a flower blossoming, just like a baby as it grows in the womb.

Our dreamcatcher also features stunning hand painted gold detailing.

The ring of a dreamcatcher is said to represent either mother Earth and or the circle of life.

Having the dreamcatcher hang at your Blessingway is yet another way to capture all the positive energy and love of the day.

Having your dreamcatcher hanging at your Blessingway captures the positive energy.

Hanging the dreamcatcher over your baby's bed will then not only capture the bad dreams and allow the good ones through, but that positive energy can float down the feathers to your baby also.

What Mum doesn't want that for their baby!

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