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Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Every pregnant belly is beautiful and applying henna art not only celebrates and emphasises this but has it's roots in beautiful Eastern traditions. Some Mums-to-be may not be comfortable having their bellies decorated and can instead decorate hands/feet, which is more traditional, or anywhere else on their body.


Henna is a natural dye that is made from a flowering plant. It's used as a dye for skin, hair, nails and fabric, goes back many centuries but it is still frequently used now. It's temporary colouring on the skin can last for up to 2 weeks, sometimes more.

Henna has long been used to decorate and adorn women in various celebration ceremonies in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, many of which are still practised today.

Traditionally, henna is applied to the hands and feet of a woman before her wedding and also during pregnancy and after childbirth. It is thought to ward off evil spirits and it is said that, while the henna stains are visible, a woman shouldn't do any housework.

This is part of the reason we included henna in our Beautiful Blessingway box, apart from making the Mum-to-be's belly or hands even more beautiful, it can act as a reminder for her to take it easy at the end of her pregnancy.


In your Beautiful Blessingways box you will receive your very own pregnancy henna kit. Fresh and pure is best when it comes to henna which is why we have supplied you with the ingredients you will need to mix up a pregnancy safe henna paste. Many pre-made henna cones contain ingredients that aren't advisable when pregnant. In your kit you will find pre-measured organic henna powder and 100% pure essential lavender oil, which not only smells wonderful, it is also the safest option for pregnancy henna.

Everything you need to make your henna


Mixing the Henna paste is very simple but it must be done at least 5 hours before you intend to use it.

You will need:

30 grams of Henna powder (this is the amount in your sachet in your kit)

10ml of Lavender oil (This is the amount in your bottle in your kit)

10 grams of sugar


glass bowl


large piping bag

empty Henna cone


Empty Henna powder and Lavender oil into bowl.

Organic henna powder and 100% pure Lavender oil

Add sugar and carefully add in a tiny bit of water, mixing all ingredients with a spatular until you have a thick paste.

Henna powder, lavender oil and sugar ready to mix

Mixed with enough water to get a toothpaste consistency

Cover the henna with cling wrap and set aside for 5 - 12 hours in a warm place (not the fridge). Keep out of reach of children at all times.

Henna mixed, covered and ready to sit for 5 - 12 hrs

You will know the henna is ready once it had changed colour. If you scrape the top layer you will see it is a different colour to what is underneath. This is what you want.

Colour has changed after setting, brown on the outside, green on the inside

Mix the paste again adding a little more water if you wish until you have a smooth toothpaste like consistency. Transfer paste into large piping bag. You will find a great tutorial of how to make your own piping bag with baking paper here.

Simple MYO piping bag

Piping paste in henna cone

Pipe paste into henna cone. Leave enough space at the top of the cone to be able to fold and tape ends down. Use as much tape as you need to feel that it is secure.

Henna cone ready to use.

Snip the end off your cone so that the paste will squeeze through but please be aware that if you cut too much off the henna will be hard to control and you won't be able to achieve such fine lines.

Snip only the very end off your henna cone.

Pipe a small dot onto your hand and leave for 5 minutes. When you wipe the henna off you should have a bright orange dot. If any irritation occurs stop use.


You can create a design of your own or you can use the designs in our free PDF downloadable file found here. Simply download and then print so you have a visual reference.

If you would like to have a stencil to trace you can use the designs in the file provided. Depending on how big you would like it you may need to enlarge it and then print it out.

All you need to make your own henna stencil

Trace over your chosen design with a ballpoint pen (it must be a ballpoint).

Chosen henna design outlined with ballpoint pen.

Apply clear roll on deodorant to the place you would like your design, then gently press the paper, ink side down, onto the skin.

Creating your own henna transfer

Carefully pull paper away and you should be left with an outline of the design on your skin, ready to trace with henna.

Ready to trace with henna.

Applying even pressure as you you gently squeeze, use your henna cone to draw your design. When creating the henna design you may also want to have a small paint brush handy to help create smooth lines and finer ends to the lines.

Beautiful henna design finished, now to leave to dry.

Once your design is finished allow the henna to dry completely. It will eventually flake and fall off leave the tattoo stain underneath. At first the stain will appear quite a light orange but with in 12 hours it will darken.

Finished henna stain

For best results keep water away from the decorated area for around 12 hours.

If you have any henna paste left you can actually freeze it and thaw to use at a later date.

How long your henna stain will last will vary depending on various factors, including, how often the designed area is washed, skin type and weather. Most will last 1 - 2 weeks and will gradually fade.

Henna is a fun and creative thing to do with friends. Have you tried it before?

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