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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

As we have previously mentioned a Blessingway is more about meaningful ceremonies than gifts. That being said, we know that friends and family often want to spoil the Mum-to-be and we totally understand that.

We have compiled a list of ideas that may be a little out of the ordinary but would be so very appreciated by the Mum-to-be.



Unless the Mum-to-be has a thing about people touching her feet, a pedicure is a wonderful gift idea for a pregnant Mumma. It's no secret that mobility and reach is awkward and impaired as a pregnant belly gets bigger. It's nearly impossible to reach you own toe nails! Put this pampering idea on your list.

Pedicure is a wonderful treat for a Mum-to-be.


In the same kind of theme as a pedicure, another pampering idea is a pregnancy massage. The change in a pregnant Mum's body can cause aches and pains in places she is not used to. Relief and relaxation can be had with a message. It is important to make sure it is specifically a pregnancy massage booked with a qualified practitioner.


Yet another way to make a Mum to be feel pampered is to book her in to get her hair done. It's likely that it will be a while until she gets to the salon after bub arrives so it's nice for her to have her hair feeling lush and fresh as the baby's birth nears.

A shampoo, treatment (including head massage) and blow-dry/style feels wonderful and is a great idea. Of course a fresh cut and colour is great too!

Tip: If it's a cut and or colour you are booking it might be best to avoid the anxiety of a new hairdresser and go with their regular stylist if they have one.


Watching a movie at the cinema is another thing that may not happen for a while after bub is born so getting a movie in on the big screen beforehand is a great idea too. That being said, when you are heavily pregnant, sitting in a standard cinema seat will most probably not be a comfortable and therefore enjoyable experience.

A Gold lounge cinema experience is the way to go! Big comfy reclining chairs with snacks being served when you wish! Now THAT suits a pregnant Mumma!


A pregnant belly is a miracle and beautiful. There are many photographers that specialise in capturing this. What a wonderful gift to have to look back on and marvel at what your body did - there was a baby in there!



Eating nutritious meals is important for all of us but, perhaps, especially for a new Mum who may not be sleeping much and may also be using a lot of energy creating breast milk for her new baby. Possibly one of the easiest and most appreciated gifts you can organise for a new Mum is to have all the guests at the Blessingway draw up a roster to take a meal over for the whole family.


A similar idea as the meal delivery, each guest can be on a roster to do laundry for a day. Washing, drying, folding, ironing can seem impossible to stay on top of with a new baby. For such little people, they can create a lot of extra washing!


Organising a cleaner just once a week for the first couple of weeks (or longer) can help a Mum feel on top of things and she can concentrate on spending quality time with her baby as she gets to know him/her, instead of worrying about housework.


Sometimes as Mums, even though we love our babies more than we imagined possible, we may feel like we loose 'ourselves' in the process. A new Mum may feel as though they are the only one who can take care of the baby, especially in the early days if she is breast feeding, however having someone come and even just sit with the baby while she sleeps for an hour can be as precious as gold! If she feels comfortable having someone look after her baby even while she ducks out to run errands by herself, it can be extremely freeing and much easier than taking bub with her for a change.

If there are older siblings it may also be a lovely opportunity for Mum to spend some time with just them without baby being her focus.


As a Mum's body readjusts to not carrying a baby internally, she may still be holding her baby and rocking them to sleep, causing back pain. A massage can not only help and be extremely nurturing but can also give Mum some time out. Maybe you can pair this with the babysitting suggestion above.


If this is not Mum's first baby it may be of great help to her if you offer to drop off/pick up the other kid/s to school or any other activities. Not having to wake a sleeping baby to leave the house is a wonderful luxury and will be much appreciated.

If you want to make some of these gifts feel a bit more official, we've got your back!

Please download our printable voucher that you present the Mum-to-be with, here.

Do you have some other ideas?

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