flower crown fit for a queen

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

The whole point of a Blessingway is to celebrate the Mum-to-be, making her feel special, and what better way to do this than recognise her for the Queen she is by her wearing a flower crown.

Flower crowns have been used as part of ceremonies in various cultures all over the world for centuries. Ancient greeks wore them to honour the gods and laurel leaf wreaths were worn to recognise achievements. Paintings and sculptures from all over the world show us floral wreaths or crowns worn through the ages for various celebrations..

Flowers have long been used as a way to celebrate and symbolise fertility and new life, peace and love.

With this sentiment, we have included a stunning flower crown in our Beautiful Blessingway box. Apart from identifying the Mum-to-be as the women of honour for the day and helping to make her feel even more beautiful, it celebrates the miracle of new life.

Flower crown fit for a queen.

Mum-to-be may want to greet guests already wearing her flower crown as they arrive at the Blessingway. Alternatively, you may wish to incorporate it into the day's festivities by marking the beginning of the Blessingway, once everyone has arrived, with a crowning ceremony. Everyone sits in a circle and the friend or family member who is hosting or coordinating the Blessingway places the flower crown on the Mum-to-be, perhaps saying a few words to recognise the celebration of her fertility and the gift of new life and pronounces her Queen for the day.

Making Mum-to-be feel special.

The beauty of the flower crown in your Beautiful Blessingway box is that it can be kept forever and maybe worn by you again or even by your child when they are old enough.

Do you have something of your Mum's or Grandmother's that you have dressed up in?

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