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Whether you are the pregnant mother herself, getting ready for your Blessingway, or the friend, sister, cousin, sister-in-law, mum, aunt, mother -in-law, who is planning a Blessingway as a loving gift, we have some great tips on how to create a beautiful space for the celebration as well as details of some great businesses that can help at the end of this blog post. A Blessingway is all about making the Mum-to-be feel comfortable and special.  Therefore, when planning what space to hold the celebration in, it's a good idea to consult the woman of honour. If that is you, have a think about the type of space and energy you would love to be amongst on the day.

Most of the ceremonies work well if everyone is seated in a circle type arrangement but it's certainly up to you whether this works or not. You can be on cushions on the floor or on chairs of some sort which may, of course, depend on the place/space you are in. You can be inside or outside, the choice is yours, and it may be dependant on weather and space. Bell tents certainly create a very special and sacred feeling space.

Bell tents by Beach & Boho

Beautiful circular set up by The Girl Who Cried Wolfe. Table could be moved during ceremonies..

One thing to take into consideration is the comfort of your pregnant Mum-to-be. She may or may not be comfortable on the floor. If she is going to be on the floor lots of cushions is a great idea and if she is to be seated in a chair make sure it's a comfortable one for her. We adore this Peacock chair and think it makes a pretty spectacular throne for the goddess of the moment.

Stunning set up by Beach & Boho with Peacock chair throne.

Gorgeous set up and different type of throne by Little Pallet Co.

Make sure you have everything needed for the ceremonies close at hand to assist the smooth running of the celebration.

You may want to have everything set up in the one room/space or you may like to have the food separate. You can see more on food ideas here.

Simple, stunning and delicious grazing platter and table setting by The Girl Who Cried Wolfe.

It is wonderful to have the dreamcatcher from your Beautiful Blessingways box hanging somewhere in view, to capture the love and positive energy of the event that will then be passed onto the new baby.

Stunning dreamcatcher that is part of our Beautiful Blessingway box

The main thing to remember is to create a space that is full of ease, joy and love, which amplifies and supports the beautiful positive energy.

We have a Pinterest account that has LOADS of inspiration for you. Go take a look and follow us while you are there.

We would love to share and promote these wonderful businesses located in three different areas in Australia, that can help create your dream Blessingway.

Beach & Boho Geraldton, WA Tahnee from Beach & Boho aims to develop a special occasion based on YOUR ideas and YOUR style - all you have to do is rock up and have a great time! With complete packages as well as DIY solutions.

The Girl Who Cried Wolfe Sydney, NSW Jo from The Girl Who Cried Wolfe supplies bohemian gifts but also bohemian styling and luxe food platters for people based in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Little Pallet Co. Claire from Little Pallet Co. specialises in hire and set up of pallet inspired furniture for special events and boho picnics as well as grazing tables and foodie gift boxes.

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