celebrating the goddess

Woman, you are a goddess.

Don't believe me? Read on.

Some of you reading this will be smiling, nodding and completely identify with being called a goddess (hellooooo sister!!!!)

Some of you, however, may be raising an eyebrow and feel uncomfortable with the term goddess. This may have to do with current or old belief systems or even how you personally define the word goddess.

I am not here to convince you of anything or try and figure you out.

I have true love, compassion and respect for you as a woman, and as a human, whether you define yourself as a goddess or not.

What I would like to do here, is tell you why I identify with the term goddess and why we use it when talking about celebrating pregnant women with Blessingways.

When you look up goddess in the dictionary it doesn't really say much beyond 'female deity'. Then when you look up 'diety' it says 'god or goddess'. So it's not surprising that many people are unsure of how to define goddess.

I believe how we define or interpret something comes down to our personal experiences. But as far as definitions of goddess go, I like the following:

"A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter. A strong woman is both soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world."

My preferred definition of goddess.

I did not write this quote and can not find who did (if you know please let me know).

It is this definition or description that we refer to when we say that Beautiful Blessingways celebrates pregnant women as Goddesses.

A Blessingway is about recognising the gift we have as women to be able to create life. To me, this screams GODDESS.

Being defined as a goddess may seem extreme to some, as if you are declaring you are better than others. To me, however, it's just honouring the divine feminine energy we have simply by being female.

In the case of a pregnant woman:

You are a nurturer. Nurturing your child in the womb and then the world.

You are compassionate. Connection with your tribe is important to you.

You are a lover. Conflict and fear is not your natural state.

You feel, deeply. (see the tears and the laughter from the quote above!)

Your cycle connects you to the moon, to the tides, to the seasons, to all of life.

You are creator, of life and of many other things.

You see beauty, of all that is around you and you recognise the true beauty within.

You are a goddess.

I'm not alone in thinking this feminine/goddess energy is what the world today is crying out for.

In a world that has been dominated by a very masculine energy for many years there is a shift happening. There is an urge for women to be treated as equal, to be celebrated for their value, for being able to give life, not lessened because of it. There was a time when this was so.

Blessingways hark back to these times through the ceremonies and rituals carried out. We have developed a product that embraces the historical rituals of different cultures and created a way for you, the modern women, to be celebrated as goddess.

From the flower crown to the henna, to being blessed by all the women surrounding her, a Blessingway celebrates a mother-to-be goddess and the divine feminine beauty she beholds, simply by being a woman.

If you identify with the term goddess and are interested in delving deeper, there is perhaps no better book that "Evolution of Goddess' by Emma Mildon. She eloquently and concisely gives a insight to the history of goddesses in various cultures and how it relates to us today. If you've read this far you are likely interested in a bit of 'woo woo' so I'm sure you will enjoy this book. What I love about Emma's viewpoint is that she identifies that the future is not female, it is feminine. We don't wish to overthrow the current dominantly masculine energy, simply to bring to balance.

Some equality.

This is, after all, how life is created, the coming together of female and male.

I simply believe that being able to grow and give life, it makes you a goddess and I think that is worth celebrating.

Share this with a goddess in your life.

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