Updated: Jun 27, 2018

There is something very special about lighting a candle.

Lighting a candle features in many different ceremonies in many different cultures.

The candle within your Beautiful Blessingway box can play a part at the Blessingway, your labour and birth and even after the birth.

It is lovely to light your candle towards the end of the Blessingway, perhaps even during the Thread ceremony. While all seated in a circle, place the candle on an even surface in the middle. Take some time to all close your eyes and breathe deeply inhaling the lavender scent. We use lavender essential oil in our candles as it is well known for it's calming effect.

Lavender scented soy candle lit for candle ceremony.

Depending on the time of day or where you are holding your Blessingway you may want to close curtains or turn other lights off. Candlelight is beautiful and very soothing.

CANDLE MEDITATION Staring into a flame has a very hypnotic effect and can be used to help you calm a busy mind and focus. During your Blessingway you can ask all guests to focus on the flame. Then visualize the flame as a source of love representing the flame we all have inside us that gives us life. Each of us has our own light to shine and as we take part in a candle meditation at a Blessingway, we can also then focus on the new light that is about to be born and shine its way into life. Doing a candle meditation like this as a group doesn't have to last long, but the energy in the room will be positive and strong and a beautiful way to celebrate the new life of the baby. 

At any point during the remaining time before the baby is born, the Mum-to-be can light the candle and do a candle meditation on her own. This may help calm any anxious thoughts or help her sleep and the experience will be enriched as she remembers the energy of the group mediation at her Blessingway.

Lighting the lavender candle is a great way to relax

During the labour/birth, lighting this candle can again be of great comfort. The lavender scent can help calm the Mum (and anyone else in the room) and having the candle to stare into can help focus the mind and breath between, or during, contractions, which can aid the labour.

Likewise after baby is born it is lovely to light the candle to help create a calm environment for Mum and Baby perhaps at bedtime, bath time or when feeding.

Smells have a way of transporting or minds back to a certain time and place.

Taking a new mother's mind back to the love and support of her Blessingway will always be soothing.

Do you light candles at home? Try it next time you are feeling anxious.

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