a blessingway feast

Sharing food is, and always has been, a common thread through many cultures when it comes to celebration.

Feasts and banquets have brought people together through the ages.

Beautiful grazing platter and table styling by The Girl Who Cried Wolfe

What type of food you decide to have as part of your Blessingway will depend on a few factors, including what time of day it is held and how long the duration or whether you are catering to a specific dietary concern.

You may want a full feast or you may be happy with tea, coffee and a cake.

Here a few a few ideas for you to consider.


The is something special about everyone bringing a plate with them to share to a social celebration and there are a few reasons this can be a great idea at a Blessingway.

By everyone contributing it obviously takes the pressure off of the Mum-to-be or hostess. It also ensures there is plenty of food to go around.

You can specify which guests bring sweet or savoury so there is a balanced choice. Having everyone bring a plate generally ensures that most dietary concerns are taken care of as a guest is unlikely to bring a plate of something they can't or won't eat. Just make sure you have a table or bench big enough to put all the food on.


Grazing platters, or even grazing tables, have become huge hit recently for a few reasons. Having grazing platter takes some of the formality away from eating which is perfect for a Blessingway. There is also usually a huge variety of food so tastes and dietary concerns are catered for.

Truly stunning grazing platter by Little Pallet Co.

They also quite simply look beautiful and are very reminiscent of the kind of feasts and banquets we can imagine of ancient times. Grazing plates are usually bursting with colour from fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, chocolate, possibly edible flowers, meats, cheeses, crackers, bread and other delicious morsels - a bounty of plentiful nourishment celebrated with gratitude.

The great thing about grazing platters is that they can be made ahead of time and clean up is limited afterward to wiping down the platter, especially as most things on a grazing platter are easily eaten with fingers. The emphasis having a bit of everything. The hostess or a group of family and or friends may like to put this together or there are plenty of catering companies who specialize in this type of cuisine, see suggestions at the end of this post.


You may want to have a special cake to mark the occasion of your Blessingway.

Keeping it healthy AND beautiful, as well as catering for vegan and gluten free dietary concerns, these are some of our favourites creations from Love Raw Self. We had some of these delicious raw treats at our launch, so we can tell you they are AMAZING!

Raw chocolatey goodness by Love Raw Self

Gluten, dairy, egg free never looked so pretty! More yummy goodness from Love Raw Self

Amazing sweet raw treat platter by Love Raw Self

Or maybe you are keen for some more traditionally sweet, sweetness like these from Fantaizicake.

Beautiful boho style cake by Fantaizicake

Making biscuit and cream look gorgeous with macarons from Fantaizicake

Or maybe you prefer cupcakes? Skilfully made by Fantaizicake.

So whether it's tea and cake, or a more elaborate food affair, that you have in mind, these beautiful businesses have got you covered. Then you can simply enjoy the Blessingway and take part in the eating and drinking.

The Girl Who Cried Wolfe

Sydney, NSW

Jo from The Girl Who Cried Wolfe supplies bohemian gifts but also bohemian styling and luxe food platters for people based in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Little Pallet Co.

Perth, WA Claire from Little Pallet Co. specialises in hire and set up of pallet inspired furniture for special events and boho picnics as well as grazing tables and foodie gift boxes.

Love. Raw. Self

Perth, WA Lisa makes creations for people with coeliac disease, health conscious individuals, , vegans, and just about anyone who just loves to eat cake! Made with natural, nutritious and decadent ingredients, then decorated with flair.


Perth, WA Originally from France, Sarah is an extremely talented cake maker with the ability to create many styles of cakes as well as cookies, cupcakes, macarons as well as jars of salted caramel and more.

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