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What is a Blessingway?

The origin of Blessingways is as an ancient ceremony that celebrated a woman's transition to motherhood.

A modern day adaptation has become a beautiful way to celebrate a pregnant mother and the impending birth of her child.

Unlike a babyshower where there is a bigger focus on the baby and showering it with gifts, a Blessingway is all about the Mother.

A Blessingway is a beautiful way to celebrate the miracle of creating life that we, as women, get to experience, making sure that the Mum-to-be feels nurtured, supported and loved so that she moves towards the birth of her child with confidence.
There are a number of ceremonies or rituals that take place at a Blessingway and you will find what you need for these in your Beautiful Blessingway Box. To see the box and it's contents you can go to our shop.

Many of the ceremonies take place sitting in a circle so the energy of the women present becomes infused in the day.

As the goal is to make the Mum to be feel special, she is crowned with a stunning flower crown. You can read more about the crown ceremony here. We also incude a henna art kit to decorate the Mum-to-be's beautiful belly, hands or feet. You can read more about that and find templates here. One of the most special ceremonies is the bead ceremony during which the expectant Mum's birthing necklace is created. Each woman in the circle provides a blessing with a bead and the blessings stay with the Mum through labour to give her strength. You can read more about the bead ceremony here. We include a stunning dream catcher in your box. This can be hung during the Blessingway to capture the positive energy and then, after the birth, in the nursery to keep baby safe. Read more about this and how to combine it with your beads here. You will also receive a lavender scented candle.
This is lovely to light during the last ceremony, the thread ceremony. You can read about how this unites everyone at the Blessingway until the birth here.

Once this ceremony is over the candle is blown out and the Mum can relight it when she goes into labour.

A Blessingway is all about sharing love, stories and positive energy to empower the Mum-to-be and helping her remember that, into her baby's birth, she takes the love, positive energy and support of all those women who have birthed before her.

How do I host a Blessingway?

Ideally a Blessingway is hosted by another woman or women close to the Mum-to-be, family or friend. As a Blessingway is about the Mum-to-be feeling pampered, even if the Blessingway is held at her house, having someone else bring it together and coordinate it on the day is a great idea. This is where our Beautiful Blessingway Box makes life easy for whoever is involved. You will have everything you need for the ceremonies in the box and also invitations to send before hand.

When you order your Beautiful Blessingway Box you will also receive a step by step host guide that will help you run things seemlessly, to ensure not only the Mum-to-be and guests have a wonderful day, but it is enjoyable for you too.

You can also take a look at our blog for further information.

If you have question from anyone who is unsure what a Blessingway is, feel free to direct them here so they know what to expect and they will be put at ease.

What will I receive in my box?

Everything you need to create a Beautiful Blessingway!

  • 20 x Artisian designed invitations with envelopes
  • 1 x Stunning flower crown to make the Mum feel like a goddess
  • 1 x Pregnancy safe Henna kit to decorate Mum-to-be's belly or anywhere else she prefers
  • 1 x Dream catcher to be hung at the Blessingway and later in baby's room
  • 1 x Lavender scented candle in a glass with wooden lid
  • 1 x Ball of yarn for the cord ceremony
  • 25 x semi precious beads for the bead ceremony in a gorgeous organic cotton bag
All packaged together in a beautiful box that you can use to store any baby keepsakes. You will also be able to download a PDF of our 6 page host guide and templates for henna designs.

Remember there are also notes on all the ceremonies that all the these contents are for on our blog.

How much is shipping?

Shipping will be calculated depending on where you are shipping to and will be displayed in the checkout. If the area you wish to have the box shipped to is not listed, feel free to email us and we can quote you postage costs.

Do you take returns?

We want you to be happy with your purchase so if your receive a damaged product please contact us so we can exchange for you.

We have made sure that photos and information on our site is a very true represenation of what you will receive, however, if you are unhappy with your purchase we will provide a refund, minus shipping cost, provided that all the contents are not damaged, marked or used in any way.

You can read our full return policy here.

How long will my box take to arrive?

Shipping time will depend on where you are ordering from but we will post to you within two business days of receiving your order.

Can I add extra products to my box?

If you would like to add extra products to your box from our range we are happy to oblige. Please contact us to discuss and for a price.

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