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Did you know that around 300,000 women and 3 million newborns still die each year from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.


The majority of these deaths occur in developing countries.


Beautiful Blessingways was created to help women feel supported and loved. We wanted to extend this love and support to women in these developing countries so set out to see what was being done and how we could help.

When we found the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia , we knew we had found an organisation we wanted to partner with.


Birthing Kits are an internationally accepted intervention to support a clean birth with each item in the kit working to reduce infections at key high-risk moments during labour, birth and immediately post birth for the mother, newborn and birth attendant.

Birthing Kit Foundation Australia improve maternal and newborn survival by increasing access to basic, clean supplies for childbirth and in the last decade have sent more than 1.65 million kits to organisations around the world.

Each kit contains:

A plastic sheet

A sterile blade 


Clean cord ties 


We are so happy to let you know that for every Beautiful Blessingway box that is sold, we will donate a Birthing Kit to be distributed to a woman in need.  


1 BOX = 1 KIT


To learn more about the amazing work of Birthing Kit Foundation Australia, please visit their website

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