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the perfect pregnancy celebration

       Beautiful Blessingways provides a modern alternative to a baby shower that focuses on celebrating the Mother. 

We supply everything you need to create a Blessingway and send it directly to you, wherever you are!

Our box contains elegant, premium products centered around the ceremonies of a Blessingway and comes with instructions and tips on how to create a magical, memorable experience.
You also have the option to purchase individual items from the box and if you love the idea of a Blessingway but would love to have someone else coordinate and run it for you we can also help with this. Find out more 


A gathering of close female friends and family, all about offering love, support and good energy. Steeped in ancient rituals and from the heartWe help modern women connect to ancient wisdom, raising the feminine vibration as a whole.

We pay homage to all those who have gone before. We learn from their wisdom. We adapt it to our now.

We celebrate the mother-to-be as the goddess she is.


Community, joy, positive energy, strength, support, connection, ceremony, honour, simplicity, love, beauty and life... delivered to you in a box. Curated and created with love, care and special attention to detail for expectant mothers everywhere.

You can read more about the ceremonies that go along with the contents of the box on our  blog . 


beautiful blessingways box